How to be successfully happy!

Our brains have been trained to think 'if I am successful in _____ , then I will be happy'. However, whenever we 'succeed' we either raise the bar or just move on to the next thing. This challenge will help you re-train your brain to think 'happiness = success' rather than 'success = happiness'. The more grateful, content and happy you are, the more naturally successful you will be.

Here's how it works:

Keep a journal and do the following things for 21 days in a row:

3 things you are grateful for (different each day)

E.g. 'It's sunny today' or 'I have such lovely friends'

1 thing you have achieved today

E.g. I made a delicious dinner tonight

1 random act of kindness you have performed today

e.g. 'I opened the door for someone' or complementing someone on their clothing


Anything from an organised class to a walk in the park


Take a look at my 'online resources' page for more information & inspiration

Results will soon start to shine through as you begin to appreciate the smaller (and usually more important) things in life. Enjoy the journey to successful happiness so you can live your life to the full!

This 21 Day Happiness Challenge is from Shawn Achor's TED Talk: The Happy Secret to Better Work.

It's very funny and worth a watch, click HERE to view!